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Interview of our life on this date 7/10/16 by Tony Robbins

So the story goes, we have had some crazy success and through a relationship with a friend whom is best friends with the famous Tony Robbins our friend mentioned us several times to Tony as they hung out and Tony wants to interview us. So here is the interview.
Today is July,10, 2016 and Jennifer and I are about to fly out to La to meet up with Tony Robbins. Yes the Tony Robbins..
As I mentioned above he wants to interview us and find out more about our life and success. A limo and driver awaits us with our names at the airport and off we go to this huge mansion in Beverly Hills. Yes we are excited. I haved loved Tony’s stuff for years. We arrive, meet him and he gives us a tour wow..
We head into his living room where cameras and video is all set up and begin our chat..
So Cary and Jennifer, I hear so much about you from Joseph I just had to meet you and hear about your life the the great things you guys are doing. So let’s jump right in.
Tell me first about your business and industry, this really always has fascinated me this MLM industry. I like that you have to help others succeed for you to succeed, share your story of this.
Well Tony Jen and I have been doing this industry full time now about 10 years I have been involved about 24 years now and we are loving it. We started a new company in Jan of 2013 all organic bringing no one from our past teams so it took a bit longer to hit top rank but we have made well over 3 million dollars in the last few years, and helped so many new friends achieve their goals and dreams. I only say that to share what that has done for so many since. See Jen and I believe in tithing and giving and being good stewards of what we are trusted with.
That’s right Cary the law of sowing and reaping and serving others refreshes you more.
Amen to that Tony. So tell me what as you say, this abundance has done for others Cary
Honey you want to share about our passion for our ministry, yes I do Cary. Tony, Cary and I have helped so many young girls be rescued from slavery in the human trafficking industry over the last few years and have been able to afford to build 2 safe houses to place the girls, to help them overcome their struggles and abuse they suffered so badly. We have them both fully staffed and operating with a full staff and both fully funded. We have one in Tampa and the other in Guatemala City.
Wow Jennifer, that’s awesome what got you involved in that.
Well The Lord placed it on my heart in prayer one day and as I looked into the industry I was just broken to learn of this, and that it happens right here in our own towns even. So we got on board and haven’t looked back.
That’s awesome Jen, so what do you guys do for fun?
We love to travel says Jen, haha yes she, well we do Tony..
We travel all around the world often whether for missions mixed with fun or just travel. We love Europe a lot and of course all tropical beaches. I love to play Golf and have played Augusta and pebble beach a few times a year since 2014. In march of 2014 I played St Andrews in Scottland for the first time. It was brilliant lol.. And we love spending time together as a family. Ethan finally has started playing Golf with me and Jen just takes in the spa..
So do you guys live on the water some Joseph said?
Yes Tony we are blessed to have a beach home on Anna Maria Island in Florida we stay there lots when Ethan is out of school if we aren’t traveling. We enjoy some of the greatest sunsets ever.. We are so blessed. We also travel to Mexico often and stay with our friends Chip and Amy and serve in an orphanage they have there. Our Networking business is bringing in over 150k per month so we are able to help lots of people that have needs. Life is good but it wasn’t always Tony. It’s taken hard work and learned skills..
I’ve always loved what you do Tony training and helping people get in state.
I met a mentor in our industry who truly helped me understand that ” State” you always mentioned and how to truly tap into our true power.
That power that’s within us all. Mark J the worlds laziest networker taugh me in an event in Kauai, HI near his home how to control my subconscious mind. The one that makes all the decisions and ultimately guides us to success or failure. So I learned how to be successful through training my subby as Haanel and Napoleon Hill and W Clement stone all teach. And my mentor Mark J has mastered this skill and training.
Mark J was very hands on and in depth in his teaching. Life is Great..
So you both look awesome I hear you have great products and you workout and eat good as well.. Yes Tony our products are top notch and changing many lives. We workout regularly and maintain a good BMI (fat%) as well.
Wow it sounds like life is good. So what changed what made you go from struggle three years ago to where you are now. Well Tony as you say taking massive action. But I needed more than that. My mentor Mark J took us through a program called Master Key that really did make the difference. Yes Cary I know that info well and Mark J has thousands of people across the globe going through his Master Key training solutions regularly he has truly become a legend in this business by paying it forward and giving away what he has learned, and that is why he is so abundantly blessed. Yes for sure Tony..
Well Cary and Jennifer, I appreciate your time and sharing this info your story will impact many lives along this journey.
Thanks so much I’ve had our chief make us a nice lunch so let’s go eat by the pool and chat some more. That sounds great Tony.
Thank you Tony it was an honor to be here with you, and share our story. We do hope it will continue to inspire lots of people especially when they hear the whole thing. We have learned we all have a story and if you have no mess you will never have a message. Thanks again Tony.


3 thoughts on “Press release

  1. carriesmkmma

    Cary, I just read came across your interview. Tony Robbins! Very cool, is he as nice as as he seems? He sounded truely interested in you and your lives. Your mission work is so meaningful. I am so grateful that you have saved thousands of young girls. Thank you for what you are doing. 7/12/2016

  2. Jenny Palmer

    Cary, you have an amazing life FILLED with purpose!!! It’s no wonder Tony Robbins wanted to meet you and your lovely wife in person.
    I’m right on board with your mission. Looking forward to sitting down for a meal one day… just the four of us 🙂


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