Press Release 2014

Success editor Darren Hardy visits couple in their home on Ana Maria Island..

It’s April 12, 2017 my name is Darren Hardy, I’m the publisher of Success Magazine.
On this day I flew out to Florida to interview a couple I’d heard of through some real estate I was buying in the Tampa area. I’ve been buying up properties in the area and one of the homes I had bid on I missed and my buyer told me who had got it and it was going to be used for a safe house for victims (girls) rescued from human traffic trade. I was intrigued. So I asked questions, heard about this couple and what they are doing and had to meet them.. So meet Cary and Jennifer Bennett.
I arrived at their gorgeous home on the beach with a connecting canal on the Intercoastal about 9am on Monday morn. Jennifer and Murphy (the dog) greeted me with joy. Come on in Mr Hardy she said, I said wait a min first of all its Darren, she laughed and said ok ok.. Welcome to our beach home, we are so honored that your here, and most of all to share some conversation with you. Great me as well. Cary came running down the stairs smiling from ear to ear, well hello Darren how are you, it’s so great to see you again and on such different terms.FYI you signed a book for me once at an event from a network marketing company we built years ago. Oh ok cool I do a lot of book signings for sure.. Lol well let’s go set on the lanai, it’s just gorgeous out this morning over looking the waves, would you like some coffee. Oh no I’m fine thanks, great said Cary.
So what brought me here is to meet you guys and hear more about you. I had a friend that their daughter was taken years ago by some trafficking ring, but thankfully she was recovered the next day and they were busted. But that’s why it holds a special place in my heart. So I wanted to hear more about it and how you ended up on this journey and I figured if I’m gonna interview you being you declined to fly out to California because you didn’t want the publicity, then I’d come to you. Well we are honored to have you said Jennifer. We are Huge fans of what you do for so many people. Thanks so much I said.
So tell me your story. Jennifer would you like to go first, sure Darren.
Well a few years ago the Lord put on my heart what my purpose and passion was, and it was for these young girls that are trafficked. I knew I wanted to serve in that arena and how could we do that best? Cary and I have been in the network marketing profession for about the last 11 years, so it has given us the time freedom to be able to go out and serve other people, over and above what we do building Our business. We so love what we do, yes we’ve made a lot of money, but the greatest thing is the lives that we’ve changed and impacted through this industry. Helping others believe in themselves be empowered, have courage,and hope, to know that they can be more is so rewarding. But again my true passion is for saving these girls that don’t have a voice, and I can help be that voice.
The Lord has blessed us with millions of dollars and beautiful homes, but mostly giving hearts. At the end of the day it’s not about the stuff or the money,it’s about what we can do with it. And that’s one of the main reasons we connected with you that was our second home that we purchased to be a safe house, and I guess you were trying to buy that house but God had another plan.. sorry Darren. Oh that’s Fine.. lol . Yes you needed it more than me, for such as this.
So Cary and I are able to travel around the world and do mission trips to help support this cause as well as here in our backyard. Well Jennifer, thanks for sharing that was pretty touching. Yes it is Darren we’ve gotten hundreds of girls off the street and saved, and it’s been such a blessing, they need somewhere to go to get back into life and that safe house is a way to help them transition, give them hope and courage back.
Murhpy comes up all excited because Ethan their son came out to join us.
Hello Ethan how are you doing, i’m great Mr Darren, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My dad has been ecstatic looking forward to meeting you and hanging out. Haha has he I’m flattered.
So Ethan what do you like to do for fun? Well dad and I,being we travel a lot around the world enjoy a lot of golf courses, surfing and just seeing the sights, oh and I play lots of Basketball. I seen a nice court on the side yard maybe you can show me a thing or two later haha. Well that sounds great Ethan, do you have a girlfriend? ha ha yes sir I do..
So Cary you love Golf I guess and traveling? Yes I do Darren. I seen that 61 Chevy C10 low rider truck in the driveway Cary, that must be your toy? Yes Darren I have a 1940 ford Couple all custom and lowered too. Cool you’ll have to show me after. Will do Darren.
Wow the time has got away it’s almost lunch time, would you like something Darren, why yes Jennifer that would be nice. I look forward to hearing more about your life and family. That’s great Darren but we want to hear about you as well. Sounds great let’s eat and share so more after. As I take my ride back to airport and finish up this story I reflect on the grace of our Lord and all he does for us.
What a great lunch that was and a humble loving family that loves to serve others.
I’m always facinated by the Network Marketing industry. I think mostly because of my mentor and friend Jim Rohn and so many lives that are impacted by it in such a great way like this families. Most people just don’t realize how big and great an industry it is..
The Bennetts promised to come out to my house in the near future and us talk more. But for now, I’ll leave you with this. Find something your passionate about.
Something you can build a Definite Major Purpose around and go for it like Cary and Jennifer have. I believe in you all reading this story that You can do it as the Bennetts have. Find that passion for your purpose and it will fall into place.
Namaste my friends signing off now
Darren Hardy


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