Wk #11 Belief comes from thoughts

This week Haanel uses one of my favorite verses,
“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
Mark 11:24
As believers, right thinking is something that is so important we simply can’t live without it. Just like our heartbeat, it’s vital because many of the problems we deal with in our lives are rooted in wrong thinking patterns, which are not based on the truth.
It is important for us to come to grips with the fact that our lives will not get straightened out until our thinking gets straightened out. Thoughts bear fruit. When you and I think good thoughts, our lives produce good fruit. When we think bad thoughts, our lives produce bad fruit.
The longer I serve God and study His Word, the more I realize how important it is for me to be aware of what’s going on in my mind. Where the mind goes, the man follows. Continually watching over our thoughts is the only way we will ever be able to keep them in line with God’s Word and win our battle against the enemy. Whether your a believer or not the fact remains..
By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought.
This week for exercise we had to concentrate on the quotation taken from the Bible, noticing that there are no limitations “whatsoever things” ye desire.. That the only limitation put on us is our ability to think. So I could challenge you all to study this verse focus on what it means knowing that your all-powerful and have that power within you. This is been a great exercise for me and I need to continue meditating on it
“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
Mark 11:24
Make it a great week
God Bless


Wk#10 We must persist

This week in our Master Key study started also with a new month and flipping the page in “The Greatest salesman in the world” and scroll three, I will persist until I succeed.
Og’s words of, I was not delivered into this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins, and that the prizes of life are at the end of each journey not near the beginning. That we should never consider defeat, and remove negative words from my mouth for their words of fools. That I must fail often to succeed only once.
I found it tied into our master key study and understand the thoughts are what control our lives and that nothing happens without a definite cause.
Haanel starts out saying Abundance is a natural law of the universe. And that the evidence of this law is conclusive, we see it on every hand; everywhere nature is lavish, wasteful extravagant. The millions and millions of trees flowers and plants and animals and the vast scheme of reproduction, where the process of creating and re-creating is forever going on all indicates the lavishness with which nature has made provision for man.
That there is an abundance for every one is evident but that many failed to participate in this abundance is also evident. So with the scroll of persisting until we succeed, tying in to knowing that abundance is available, we must persist and keep moving forward. And how important it is that it all begins with our thoughts, thoughts are things and what you think about you bring about. He states in number 11, that the law is that thought is an active vital form of dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its object and bring it out of the invisible substance from which all things are created into the visible or objective world.
This is the law by which, an through which all things come into manifestation; it is the master key by which you were admitted into the secret place of the most high and are “given dominion over all things” with an understanding of this law you may “decree of thing and it shall be established onto thee”. Pretty powerful words if we would grasp how powerful we are so many of us including myself struggle with that. If we are to attract people into our lives that we choose to have, we must become that attraction there for, our thoughts are important to have the life that we want we must visualize it which starts with thought,and if our thought is in harmony with the creative principle of nature it is in tune with the infinite mind and it will form a circuit and it will not return to you void. But remember the exact same thing is also in play if you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the things you desire.
In 22 Haanel states wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within, likewise every lack, limitation or adverse circumstance is the result of weakness and weaknesses simply absence of power comes from nowhere it is nothing the remedy then simply to develop power and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed by exercise.
How do we do this? By practicing your visualization, your thoughts, practicing the law of substitution meaning no two things can exist at the same time so what are you thinking, we must not think negative. Seeing ourselves living the lives we want and sharing life with whom we want in the setting we so disire, but again it takes work visualizing it regularly.
I must persist, I will win, I will succeed. And so can you. I believe in you.
Namaste my friends

Wk #9 Words of affirmation

This week in our study of Master Key focuses on the “law of growth” whatever we think about grows, what we forget atrophies.
If we desired change in the conditions of our life how do we bring this about it is by the law growth whatever we hold in our mind the condition we desired and affirm it as an already existing fact this is a powerful affirmation.if we do this with constant repetition it will become part of us we are actually changing ourselves and making us what we want to be. So therefore it is important to think thoughts that we desire and focus on them, visualizing what we would like to be in this life. If you were timid, self-conscious or overanxious or even harassed by thoughts of fear or danger remember this, “two things cannot exist in the same place,at the same time. Exactly the same thing is true in the mental and spiritual world;so that your remedy is plainly to substitute thoughts of courage power self-reliance and confidence for those of fear lack and limitation. Positive thought would destroy the negative certainly as light destroys darkness and the results will be just as effectual.
Haanel shares that there are three things all mankind desires which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development that is health, wealth, and love. Whoever possesses all three health wealth and love find nothing else which can be added to their cup of happiness. He states we have found that the universal substance is “all health” “all substance” and “all love” and that the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this infinite supply is in our method of thinking. To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “secret place of the most high” and what shall we think if we know this, we shall have found the proper mechanism of attachment which will relate us to “whatsoever things we desire”.
In 15 Visualization is a very different process from seeing,seeing is physical, but visualization is a product of the imagination and that is part of the subjective mind the world within it therefore possesses by vitalty, it will grow. The thing visualized will manifest itself in form. The mechanism is perfect it was created by the master architect who “doeth all things well”but unfortunately sometimes the operator is inexperienced or inefficient the practice and determination will overcome this defect. We are being taught to manifest are definite purpose through visualization.if you require love try to realize that the only way to get love is by giving it and that the more you give the more you will get, and the only way in which you can give it is to fill yourself with it until you become a magnet. We were shared stories this week of a man that was supposed to die, but he refused to give into those thoughts and created an affirmation for himself, taking the qualities he most needed affirming them for a self over and over again. ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” It was the last thing on his lips at night and the first thing in the morning. He states not only did I affirm it for myself but for others that I knew needed it, remember whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others and it will help you both,”we reap what we sow”.
So when thoughts of fear, anger, jealousy or worry creep in, start your affirmation going the way to fight darkness is with light the way to fight cold is with heat and the way to overcome evil is with good, affirm the good and the bad will vanish. Frederick Elias Andrews.
So if there is anything you require it will be well for you to make use of this affirmation,nanywhere and everywhere you are throughout your day. Speak life over yourself.
“I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious and happy”.
Make your vision clear know what you want and go for it.
God Bless

Wk#8 Thoughts and Imagination

Our week eight study of Master key, talks primarily about thought which leads to imagination. That as one purpose of life is growth,and all that we do must contribute to give it effect. “Thought” therefore takes form and a law of growth eventually brings it into manifestation. That we may freely choose what we think but the result of our thought is governed by the immutable law. That whatever we consistently think persistently cannot fail to produce it’s result in the individual. Therefore we must substitute constructive thought for destructive thought. He suggest that we form a habit of analyzing every thought. Make sure that it will benefit all whom it will affect, treasure it and value it, on the other hand Matthew Adams quoted “learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”
We must develop a strong imagination for what we want our life to be
And in seven he says the imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience. Whatever you’re facing in life, or whatever is coming in your future, God has already given you the faith for it. It may not look like it, and you may not feel like you have what it takes to overcome, but faith in God isn’t based on our circumstances or how we feel.
You can be what you will to be, you’ve got to imagine it and see it. Have faith..
The enemy would like for you to believe that you don’t have a chance in life, that you’re too weak, too poor, too whatever. But God has a different view of you. God sees you through the eyes of love. He sees not what you can be, but what He has invested in you, not what you or others may see.
Seeing yourself the way God sees you leads to a life of overwhelming victory.
But it takes faith. You can’t just hear that God loves you and sees you as His child, you have to believe it. It takes faith to move forward and overcome the challenges of life. And faith does you no good if you don’t know how to release it. You have to release your faith in order for it to work.
We release faith through our words, actions and, of course, through prayer. It’s up to us to act. Our daily exercises from our course.. Our DMP.. Seeing it through visualization and imagination, feeling it..
First John 4:4 is a scripture we quote a lot, But how many people really believe that “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world?”
You are powerful beyond measure. Mark says it to us all the time and my favorite book talks about it all throughout.. Again this week we’re working on our mental diet, we can’t hold any negative thoughts and our mind more than a couple seconds or we have to start are seven days over, man is it challenging..
“Every battle is won before its ever fought” Sun Tze
Book the art of war. It starts in our mind and our thought. Be mindful of this..
Have a blessed week

Wk#7 Mental diet Yikes😳

So this week seven in my Master key course we are asked to do the mental diet for a seven day stretch.. Haha so ever time you have a negative thought if longer than a few seconds, you must start your seven days over.. Where’s that redo button..Yikes. I’m a pretty optimistic positive person but geez. ok ok you try it for a few hours lol. Somebody cut you off in traffic, the line at the drive-through too long, for us for Florida folks maybe it’s all the northerner traffic ( snow birds)? Does it frustrate you make you think negative or bad thoughts start over.. Lol
So this week part seven talks about the major power that we have within us part one, Haanel starts out that, visualization is the process of making mental images and the image of the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from what your future will emerge. It’s so important to eliminate those negative thoughts and think positive, because those are something that we’re seeing and emotions that were feeling. So that’s why I believe that this was tied in this week. Strengthening our mind the thoughts that we think visualizing what we want. Number two talks about our visualization,that we need to make the pattern clear and make it beautiful do not be afraid; make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by anyone but yourself..
So make the image clear and clean cut hold it firmly in the mind you will gradually and constantly bring the thing near to you. You can be what “you will to be.”
An example is thinking of an architect when he plans a building he has every line in detail pictured in his mind before he draws the plan idealizes it and sees it completed. Then comes the process of visualization,that you must see the picture more and more complete see the detail and as a details begin to unfold the ways and means for bringing it into manifestation will develop. One thing would lead to another, thought would lead to action, action will develop methods, and methods were developed friends and friends will bring about circumstances and finally the third step or “materialization” will have been completed.
If we think of God and how he created the universe he must’ve thought it into shape before it ever could’ve come, if we are willing to follow along the lines of the great architect of the universe we shall find our thoughts taking form just as God’s universe took concrete form. He has given us or placed this power within us. Haanel states in eleven.
If we can consciously follow these directions you will develop faith the kind of faith is the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”; you will develop confidence, the kind of confidence that leads to endurance, courage you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to exclude all thoughts except the ones which are associated with your purpose. Another great reason to tie in the mental diet with this weeks study.. So I challenge you to find your definite purpose, visualize what you want your life to be like practice it regularly.
Concentrate on the things you want not on the things you do not want to think of abundance idealize the methods and plans for putting the law of abundance into operation. Visualize the condition which the law of abundance creates this will result in a manifestation.
For instance a man is in debt, he will continually be thinking about the debt and concentrating on it and as his thoughts are causes the result is that he not only fasten the debt closer to him but actually creates more. Is manifesting the law of attraction loss leads to greater loss. And if that law operates perfectly to bring about poverty and lack then it will do the same if we think positive thoughts of abundance and prosperity in all areas of life. Go for it think life in abundance..
Have a super week.
God Bless

Wk#6 Brain power & focus.

We often try to figure out how so many machines and things work in our life such as even trying to understand the mechanism of the automobile which we drive but most of us are content to remain in absolute ignorance of the greatest piece of mechanism which ever is, the brain of man..
Haanel states that in the first place there is the great mental world in which we live and move and have our being; this world is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent;it will respond to our desire in direct ratio to our purpose and faith; purpose must be in accordance with the law of our being, that it is it must be creative or constructive;our faith must be strong enough to generate a current of sufficient strength to bring our purpose manifestation.
“As thy faith is, so be it unto thee” the brain then, this ” temple of the living God” and the individual “I” is given control and upon his understanding of the mechanism which is within our control will the result depend. Pretty amazing to think that every thought sets brain cells in action and that influence of the mind can be exerted upon any part of the body elimination of any undesirable effect.
Therefore the man,”myself” must look within and make use of the mighty forces which I have the power over, I must strengthen my mind through attention and concentration on the desire of things that I want in my life. Cultivation of this attention is what separates and distinguishes every successful man or woman to the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired. What is it? the power over the mind, to be able to concentrate and focus, thinking of a magnifying glass, if it’s focused its very powerful, but if it’s moving around all over there’s no focus in which to bring its power to life. Haanel states in 21 our thought, let it be dissipated are scattered from one object to another and no results are apparent but focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible. And that it’s through attention that we will only be able to overcome any obstacle on our way to acquire this wonderful power, practice makes perfect, in this as in anything else.
This week in our time to “sit” we had to stare at a picture, vividly remember everything attention to detail and then close our eyes and visualize that picture to the tee.
Boy that’s way harder than you would think it is, your mind tends to wonder but with practice it can be done. And that it is by such exercises with our mind as these that we will finally be able to control our mental moods our attitudes and our consciousness of the life that we choose. It’s crazy to think that we have so much power to overcome or do anything that would choose to do, in the right direction, focusing on that which will eventually manifest, speaking life into it. My Definite major purpose.
Again..All life and power is from within.
God Bless

Wk #5 Break out of the mold

The world – those we know and deal with on a daily basis – is continually trying to conform us to its image. The word conform means “to be similar in form or character; to behave in accordance with prevailing modes or customs.”
Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, .” And 3 John 1:11 says not to imitate what is evil, but to imitate the good things of God.
People will always try to fit us into their mold, partly due to their own insecurity. It makes them feel better about what they are doing if they can get someone else to do it too. Very few people have the ability to be who they are and let everybody else be who they are. This is a big reason if your in Network Marketing you get the no or negative comments. Ha your friends don’t want you having success and moving to a new neighborhood or having nicer things. They like ya just the way you are and then they don’t have to step up. Sad but true.
Can you imagine how nice the world would be if we would all do that? If each person would be secure in who he is and let others be who they are? Then we would not have to try to conform and be imitations of each other.
I want to encourage you today to believe you can be an imitator of Christ and break out of the world’s mold! You were made first class by first class to be first class..
Part 5 in Master Key study this week starts out with..
At least 90% of our mental life is subconscious so that those who fail to make use of this metal power live within very narrow limits. The subconscious can and will solve any problem for us if we know how to direct it. We have found that the mind pervades every part of the physical body and is always capable of being directed or impressed by authority coming from the objective for more dominant portion of the mind. What we speak into our lives, think about our lives is very simply said.. “the word has become flesh”
This then is the way we are consistently creating and re-creating ourselves; we are today the result of her past thinking and we shall be what we are thinking today.. Powerful and true.. Number nine states a very powerful comment to think about and ponder on..
If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regards to the plans, how we should study every detail, how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything, and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our mental home which is infinitely more important than any physical home as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our mental home.. We must choose to be cautious of our thoughts and what goes in on Minds.
How we must do a little housecleaning, we were challenged this week for the next two weeks, we are to give “no opinions”. Opinions are ego.. Try that one on for an hour or two. Pretty hard for my personality being so OCD and anal about things. Jennifer is constantly having to remind me you have no opinions.. Lol..
So moving forward, Napoleon Hill think and grow rich and Haanel in master key, and W Clement Stone, all taught that we must have a definite major purpose. That to have or get what we truly desire or our hearts passion, there’s three things that are necessary. You must earnestly desire it, you must assert your claim, and you must take possession. This is our PPN’s or personal pivotal needs, our DMP or definite major purpose, and the repetition of our DMP’s daily. This is work. A plan for your life.. Like building a house.
All power comes from within but we cannot receive it Unless we give it. The more we give the more we get. Athlete who wishes to get strong must make use of the strength he has, the more he gives the more he will get, the financer wishes to make more money, he must make use of the money he has only by using it can you get more.
This week I hope you’ll do some mental housecleaning with me, trying to give no opinions, make sure your thinking good positive thoughts of encouragement, hope,and prosperity into your life, see if that doesn’t change some things. Give more get more.. Try it..
Have a blessed week.