Wk #23 Service to others

Week twenty three in Master key study has solidified that the law of success is service..
That we get what we give. I love this. Another reason I have always loved the industry we are a part of. The network marketing industry is about helping and serving others. For you to succeed you must help others do so as well. It’s a beautiful thing. If you want more money in your life, concentrate on it,think or create ways to make it and focus and visualize it being your reality as if it’s already happened. How can you help others succeed in life. Haanel drives home that our greatest success will come as we recognize that it is just as essential to give as to get. Giving in this sense implies service. The banker gives his money, the merchant gives his goods,the author his thoughts, the workman his skills. All have something to give he states, but the more they can give, the more they get, and the more they can get, the more their enabled to give.. Therefor me must Think.. We must know what we want in life. Our definite major purpose. See it visualize it. How does it serve others? As I have had struggles in life and things that hold me back, this week hit me good to go through the end of the reading in this weeks lesson to the sit. To think of my DMP and to know what Haanel is saying is true. I must continue to serve others way better than I have that service leads to greatness and the money I desire. And buy helping others better themselves and earn more I will too.
May you know your Darma your definite major purpose and find a way to serve others greater as well.. Have a Blessed week


3 thoughts on “Wk #23 Service to others

  1. Theresa

    Thanks for sharing. A major benefit to me of this awesome MKMMA journey has been learning the importance of service. If we give more we gain more, but not in the sense of getting but in the sense of helping and aiding others. I can really identify with the content in your post.


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