Wk#21 Think Big

So this journey of Master Keys has been very inspiring to say the least. Wk 21 talks about one of the secrets of success is thinking Big thoughts. And about having consciousness of that power. The real secret of power is consciousness of power. Our subconscious mind will manifest whatever we consciously think about on a consistent basis. It is limitless only by our “thoughts”. If we think small or Ill thoughts we shall manifest that in our lives. Large ideas tend to eliminate all smaller ideas so it is well to hold large ideas in our heads for long periods of time to destroy and small thinking. We Must think bigger!! It is however,no easy matter to change the mental attitude,but by persistent effort it may be accomplished. Haanel talks about the mental attitude is patterned after mental pictures which have been photographed on the brain; if you do not like the pictures we must destroy the negatives and create new pictures this is by the art of visualization. As soon as we have done this you will begin to attract new things in the new things will correspond to the new pictures. That to do this we must impress upon the mine a perfect picture of the desire which we wish to have objectified and continue to hold that picture in mind until the results are obtained.
We must recognize that all powers from within. That no human being has any more power than any other human being except such as made willingly be delegated to him. You are truly powerful beyond measure you were made first Class by first class.. When you realize that the divine mind is one with God and in unity with him the principal will appear to you that you are favored and because of this you will have found the source of all health all wealth,and all power. You are one with God and God is everything. In our time of silence for exercise this week we were to realize the truth shall make you free, that is, nothing can permanently stand in the way of your perfect success when you learn to apply to scientifically correct thought and methods and principles. Guys are thoughts are so important you do truly become what you think about. Think life think positivity and serve others.
“The possibilities of training are infinite, it’s consequence eternal,and yet you take the pains to director thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance”. Marden
Have a blessed week my friends


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