Wk#17HJ Hero’s Journey

Week 17 Hero’s Joirney had us mixing it up a bit, going back and reading past lessons, picking one we wanted or reading Emersons law of compensation. The heroes journey from Joseph Campbell talks about the our journey, every movie or story has a hero that answered the call, Star Wars, Rambo, Rocky series, all of them. And most of us.. We answer the call. To step out into the abyss, the unknown and go on the adventure, the journey. Stepping over the threshold then finding a mentor going out a concurring whatever it is and then returning home with the prize or experience to show others the way. I too have been the reluctant Hero, letting things in life, fears, worries, doubts and struggles hold me back. I’m working through them and learning the power of our thoughts and focused concentration on the things we want. It’s so easy for us to aimlessly wonder through this life. Before you know it your forty or more and haven’t truly answered the call? Do you truly know your Darma your DMP Definite Major Purpose as to why your here and what your heart really desires to do. Who’s life can you change, whom can you serve? I’m so grateful for Mark J and Davene for sharing their experience and time to show others the way. To help people not by telling them what to do but helping them learn how to “think” for themselves to really dig deep and learn who you are inside and what truly makes us tick. I’m still a work in progress. I commit to continue and to step up my efforts to be who I’m created to be. I must continue to practice and exercise my mind just like a muscle to think. To control my thoughts, and manifest them through with a clear vision of my DMP. Mahalo to all
God Bless your journey, your bliss. Follow the path, step out. I believe in you😃
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6 thoughts on “Wk#17HJ Hero’s Journey

  1. Valeska Harraud

    If you do the work, you gain the power – the authentic power to create your life out of your vision, passion, and purpose! Congratulations to you for your fidelity to your Hero’s Journey!

  2. amnpete

    What a beautiful summary of the HJ! Thank you for sharing your insight 🙂
    I love the way you refer to exercising your mind like a muscle – Im with you 100% here!

  3. masterkeyannemb

    Hi Cary. I too have been a reluctant hero on many things but have, like you, begun the journey with much gratitude! Blessing to you as well MKMMA friend! Happy day! 🙂


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